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Forthcoming Events


Club Nights

Club nights are held at the K2 Sports and Leisure Centre RH11 9BQ

We meet Thursday evenings at 8.30pm with the aim of being in the pool by 9pm for swimming, training or brushing up on skills. Then off to a pub to put the world to rights.

Sundays April to September

Diving from Littlehampton marina.

We will be diving every Sunday as long a sea condition permit.

Generally, dive sites will be within 1 hour of the river entrance.

6th to 13th October

Diving holiday to Malta with Maltaqua

Ethelburga Award

The prestigious award, St Ethelburga, is presented to the diver who has made the biggest slip up during the previous year's diving. The winner get to take home a glorious trophy.

Previous years winners include those that have turned up to dive without weights & no air in their tank and a diver who got on the wrong boat!

We are always accepting anonymous contributions, so please email any over to

Recent Events

Sunday 9th June 2024

Millionaire diving, who would have guessed. With Keith driving, thanks Keith.

Three of us set out about 11:00 after fixing a few niggling issues with the RIB, so all working now.

Paul passed his use of MSB module. While we were down with good viz we saw bib, vivid blue male wrasse, Dead man’s fingers, Edible crab, tube worms and I even saw a very hidden blenny, on the ascent we came across sea gooseberry while doing our safety stop, very cute. Found this picture on UK inaturalist.

Plan the dive, Dive the plan. Steve

Sunday the 21st April 2024

First outing of the year, sunny if cold. The Waldron rocks off Bognor for a drift dive.

We arrive at the marina about 8.15 after a diversion due to road works on our usual route just before Littlehampton. After a bit of flaffing about with the boat to get it ready for the sea we were off with High Tide at 11:00. We heard there were dolphins in the area as well so we were on the lookout for those elusive creatures as well as our own dive. Once on site we had a bit of discussion on whether or not to get in the water, which looked cold. Anyway after this discussion and blaming Beth for us being out on the water getting tossed about in the waves, we decided to give it a go as we were there anyway. Good job we did.

The temperature was not bad, a toasty 10 deg C. 12 to 16m. Once on the bottom vis was about 2 to 5m. Lots of Sharks around, well dogfish, they are part of the shark family, honest, a couple of blennies trying to hide, a spider crab and my first UK ray, either a Thornback Ray or Undulate Ray.

35 min later we were back on the surface, cold hands but otherwise nice and warm ‘ish. Beth had an exciting time listening to VHF channel 16 about a boat that sank somewhere to the east of Littlehampton, all made it away safely with the lifeboat in assistance.

Slow ride back looking for dolphins but no luck, but just in time to see the lifeboat arriving with the casualties on board from the boat that sank.

All in all a nice day’s diving, sorry you all missed it.

Safe diving



AGM 2024 25th January 2024

Our AGM was held at the Malt Shovel Pub in Horsham and attended by 13 members.

All Officers were duly re-elected

More importantly were the Awards.

Chairman's Award - Brian Bezzant - Being the club's member with the longest time in Scuba, his enthusiasm and supporting role he has played over the year.

Training Award -  Julian Szmulka for being our youngest trainee.

Ethelburger Award/Propeller Award - Mark for taking a diver in the pool with his air only just on. But managing the dive without anyone noticing, until asking for his air to be turned on fully when surfacing.

Sunday 30th October 2022

7 of us arrived at Wraysbury at 9 o’clock to either train or help with the training.

Paul was due to finish his Ocean Diver training and Mo was due to undertake Open water dives 1 and 2.

Andy and Keith undertook the training with Sam helping. Beth and myself providing shore support.

The day was successful with Paul finishing his Ocean Diver training and Mo completing lessons 1 and 2.

Thanks to Andy, Keith, Sam and Beth for helping.

Safe Diving Steve

Sunday 26th June 2022

The wave hight was due to be 1.4m so 3 of us headed to Wraysbury for a bit of relaxing diving rather than training, which is what we usually do there.

Keith, Sam and I were planning to do a couple of dives each.  Arriving at 9am we were in the water by 10am after a bit of fluffing around, sorry dive planning.

Sam and I were in the first wave, surface swim to (30) the Day boat at 6m, then bearing of 90 degrees and on to (38) Elizabeth Austin Lifeboat at 6.5m, and (45) Listing Sharon and (46) Aircraft. So this is where all the old Jet 2 aircraft end up. Seeing a few fresh water Crayfish.

Keith and Sam were in the second wave heading north from the jetty outside of the Hut. Heading towards the bus (10) scimitar (3),  The Lightning (5) and then on to the cave system (6) at 7m then back.

Keith and I dived the same route on the third wave as I hadn’t done this before, on the way back we saw the local Pike just sitting there in plain sight. Waiting for an unsuspecting diver to nibble at.

See you all next time

Safe Diving Steve


Sunday 5th June 2022

It was final great to get back out on our own RIB and in the water.

We had 5 on the boat and doing a drift dive on the Waldron (Bognor Rocks) on a springy tide.

Keith, Beth and Mark were on the first wave and manage to see some Wrasse and Lobsters.

Brian and myself were on the second wave, the vis was not great due to the plankton bloom, but 2 to 4m in the UK is good enough for me. We managed about 25 minutes before Brian ducked down among the rocks to investigate a crevice or two with me shooting over the top holding the smb. Once we had separated, it was a minute trying to find each other then surfacing where we met on the RIB.

Then back to the marina to get the RIB out of the water and on the hard standing.

Looking forward to diving some of the local wrecks

Safe diving, Steve

AGM 2022 10th February 2022

Our AGM was held at the K2 Crawley Sports and Leisure Centre, and attended by 11 members.

There were several changes to the Committee with Mark Wellbelove taking the reigns as Chair and Steve Sylge taking on the role of Training officer.

More importantly were the Awards.

Chairman's Award - Mark Wellbelove for all his technological prowess during the past two years for online/Zoom meetings

Training Award -  George Nicholson for his enthusiasm to all things with the club.

Ethelburger Award/Propeller Award - Beth Johnson for forgetting her computer and having to return to the hotel to pick it up, alas a minor event. but we were scraping the barrel for awards.

AGM 2021 4th February 2021

Our AGM was held on line, a first for us, followed by an on line quiz.

Looking forward to more quizzes in the coming months.

Boat Service March 2020

That time of year again. Party time. I mean Boat Party Time.

Split this years’ service into two as it was likely to rain, and we were waiting for the paint to arrive. Due in time for the second part of the service.

Sergio was self-isolating so we were one down on our painters.

First day we changed the engine oil on both engines and sanded the hull down,  we were lucky that Farmer George let us use the shed so we were under cover, handy as it did rain, had a general tidy up and managed to remove the starboard battery as it was dead.

Second day we painted the hull, changed the gearbox oil, fitted the battery and finished off the general tidy up fitting the newly covered seat. Finally starting the engines, well one of the engines as the primer pump on the port engine had hardened so unable to get fuel to the carbs. Have a new one at home so next job on the list once we are allowed to.

And Finally, Thanks to Farmer George for allowing us to keep the boat on his farm. Kev for getting the paint and getting the seat recovered. Also, Rachel, Sam, Keith, Beth, Brian, Mark and Paul for Helping out with the rubbing down, painting and engine service.

So until the finishing off.

Keep Safe.


Sunday  24th November

4 of us arrived at a new inland dive site in Kent. St Andrews Lake. The weather was favourable, no wind and alternating cloud and sun.

Unfortunately, I had a cold so couldn't partake. So, our first time here was left to Kev, Keith and Brian to do the exploratory dive.

We had a brief introduction and a hand drawn map of the site, showing depths and wrecks. With a cautionary warning that the manikin on the sunken yacht was quite lifelike then off they set for the first dive.

The entry was via some stairs and then headed off to the first wreck, a lorry at 32m, a number of blue lines connected the wrecks, following on from the lorry it was off to the yacht, then the post box and headed back.

A shorter second dive took place to look at the training platforms.

All in all, a good day out and a site for early diving in the new year for the sports divers only due to the drop off and depth.

Hopefully I will be able to dive in the new year.

Safe Diving


Wraysbury 11th November

This was our last open water training day of the year.

Nic, Andy, Beth, Keith, Aivis, Paul, Martin and myself arrived to a lovely day, I supported Nic on the surface with Andy, Beth and Keith instructing.

We went in in two groups to maximise the amount of training we could do, the aim was to get as much as possible signed off.

Avis, Paul and Martin are now able to do some RIB diving in the new year to complete their Ocean diver qualification. Just a couple of lessons to complete

Well done guys

Safe Diving


Sunday September 15th


Four of us were on board for the last dive on the RIB of the season as it will come out of the water this week. The Mulberry Harbour was our destination.

A quick run along the coast saw us approaching what seemed like a red sea wreck with 3 dive boats already there.

Keith and Beth went in on slack with Brian and I on the more challenging running tide.

Lots of life here as well, to be expected with the viz about 3 metres, good for here.

Bib were plentiful and this has got to be a nursery site for them as we saw lots of small and some large ones.

Of the less common fish we came across some pipefish, a first for me.

Our next outing will be Plymouth for a 5 day holiday.


Sunday September 8th


What a result, we had 8 out on the RIB this Sunday, Sam x 2, Keith, Andy, James, Luke, Mark and Me

Diving the Worthing Lumps, been a while, two waves of 4 divers each with Andy and I taking in James and Luke to do their Open water SMB lesson.

We dropped the shot just off the shelf in the slightly deeper water giving us a wall to dive on.

The first wave went in and reported lots of life, Wrasse, Crabs, Flatties Bib and the usual Congers.

Our second wave saw lots of life as well, I had Luke with the SMB, and a good lesson it was holding the SMB and spotting lots of life as well including a rather large Lobster.

Back on board, it was time to head back, still no sign of the elusive dolphins.


Save diving,



Monday August 26th 

Beautiful sunny day , mill pond sea , neap tides ,  just 4 divers , so decided to splash out on an adventure out to the Gascony. Unfortunately our sources guided us to nothing but a battleship sized gravel bank 😒 . With a disappointed Andy and KD back on board , we had a quick scan round for other signs of wreckage, with no result , so with slack gone , we shot off to the mulberry harbour, where KD, James and I had a very easy dive with about 8m viz! Loads of wrasse and a hungry cuttle fish which was scoffing fry as we followed him. James finished off the dive with a quick drift off after deploying the DSMB. Back on board for a trip back , snacks and an over optimistic look out for the local dolphins, which didn't come out to play today. 

Maybe next time eh?



Sunday August 25th


5 of us were off for a dive on the Ore wreck AKA Concha which sank on the 20th August 1897. Weather was calm and we made good time.


First in were Keith and Sam C, reporting good visibility and were able to do a circuit of the wreck. Lot of bib and congas, and a few crabs.


Second in were myself, Sam F and James who was due to do a DSMB lesson for his Sports Diver qualification.


20 minutes in we had found the prop shaft, easy enough as Keith had died the shot line to it having sent the shot up on his earlier dive, round part of the wreck finding the boilers and lots of ore. Now time for the lesson.


Having completed the lesson, we were back up after a 40-minute dive.


On the way back we had to stay out a while due to the low tide at the river mouth, so we headed off to where the pod of dolphins were spotted the week before.


No luck unfortunately. Maybe next time.

Save diving,



Sunday August 4th


5 of us were off for a drift dive due to high spring dives.


On the way from the marina to the river mouth we saw some people on hover boards connected to a jet sky, this has got to be seen. If you want a go then go down to Littlehampton.


Visibility was not quite as expected with the previous days being so calm, the sea conditions were also kicking up a bit.


Keith, Sam, Kev, Beth and Brian went in, in two waves for their 45-minute drifts.


The vis was about 2 to 3 metres, enough to see the sea life. Lots of good size crabs, spider and edible, also a large lobster.


Diving done it was back to the marina. On the way back we were joined by a pod of dolphins, Wow, now I wished I could have got out there as well. Never mind there is always next time.


Once back the boat was cleaned, put to bed and off for a well-earned pint.


Save diving,



Sunday June 9th


The one day with good weather so we made the most of it.


Late start and the 5 of us were off to the dive the Shirala. Well that is what we thought. Found the wreck and dropped the shot, only to find we missed the main wreck. The tide was running. New plan, pick up the shot and have another go taking the tide into account, running at just under 2 knots. Our calculation put this as slack tide. Have to have another look at this.


We approached the shot and hooked the buoy, found it was snagged. Decided to wait for the tide to wane, half an hour later it was still in full flow, so we had another go to release the shot, eventually we manage this, and plan B was in motion.


Off we went to the Waldrons a reef system south of Bognor.


Keith, Sam and Kev went in first for their 45 minute drift. First thing they saw was a compass jellyfish and expect to see more, several cuckoo wrasse, vivid blue, even a shark (aka dog fish). Can’t believe they didn’t let us know about the jellyfish until we had our dive as well.


The plankton bloom was missing, fantastic. No budy line for my dive with Brian.


A nice little bimble along the bottom over the rocks, lots of crabs, a cuckoo wrasse who followed us so it seemed. Spotted a Red Mullet. For those who like other sea life we had lots of crabs, Velvet swimming crabs mainly and a giant spider crab. One of my favorites is the fan worm, from plant live there is lots of obelia geniculate, I can’t even pronounce it, hairy fern I call it, dead men’s fingers and one painted top-shell mollusc, a first for me.


Once back we cleaned the boat and off home we went, no time for me to have a pint as I was off to cook dinner for my neglected beloved.


Save diving,




Sunday 12th May


Four divers again for a trip to the Shirala, early start to get over the sand bar before low tide.


Keith and Sam went on the first wave. Saw a cuttlefish and large lobster.

While we were getting them back on the boat, another dive boat appeared hurtling in form the west. There’s me thinking ‘get off my wreck’  how selfish it that.


Brian and myself went in on the second wave. Down into pea soup. Took a longer than usual as I had a problem with my sinus, eventually cleared. Once down we set the shot up. And started to look around, bumped into the divers from the other boat. ‘Red Sea Diving’

That was it for us not much else to report.


Up we came and a slow ride back to get over the sand bar with inches to spare.


Safe Diving




Sunday 5th May


Four divers this time for the trip to the Waldrons. Sam came with her new twin set.


Good for this time of year, only a bit of plankton bloom.

Saw a dogfish and manage to get a few decent sized scallops.


Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th April


This has got to be a first. A trip to Vobster and going diving for fun, no trainees, they are still doing their sheltered water lessons. Everyone had an enjoyable time. I was unable to go myself due to a hard-earned holiday in the Canaries, yep, I did get some diving in.


5 divers who went to Vobster had a great time. Water was a bit chilly and a long absent Matt made an appearance. One of many we hope.


I heard there was a new wreck, a helicopter no less, near the crushing works. Have to look out for that the next time I go.


Safe Diving





March 2019


Committee meeting held 14th March. 

Usual agenda followed with the committee members providing their regular reports.

Suggestions welcome for social events and diving holidays so don’t be shy, let us know by emailing


January 2019


The AGM was held at the Royal Oak Handcross with pizza being provided.


The current committee members were re-elected.

Awards Presented.

Chairman’s Award: Awarded to Steve

Training Officers Award: Awarded to Steve for achieving Open Water Instructor qualification.

Propeller Award: (St Ethelburger Award): Won by Kev for relying on his buddy’s dive computer.


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