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Wraysbury 12/11/2017


What a lovely day for a training dive. I kid you. Is was cold and with the water tempwas 11 degrees.


Went through the kit and sorted a few bits that needed a few adjustments.

Nic was shore side, Keith was the trainer and me the buddy for Sam.


The plan was followed, f​irst on standing depth platform, then on to the 2m container and then on to the 6m platform.


Mask clearing, 11 degrees? Tell me who wants to volunteer for this, oh yes, that would be me and no matter how you mentally prepare, it is still a shock to the system.


Good on you Sam, you did this a few time, got used to the ‘very’ cold water on your face and off we went to the container. With a successful Mask Clear at 2m.

Next was 6m, we had a break to get warm during the surface interval and completed a successful Mask clear then AS as donor and recipient.


Well done Sam, and now a qualified Ocean Diver.


Safe Diving,





Littlehampton 15/10/2017


It was that time of year again when the boat comes out of the water.


We met at the farm to pick the trailer up and head off to the Marina to pick the boat up. Got delayed a bit sorting the lights out on the trailer.


Picked the boat up and gave it a bit of a clean before we headed back. 


During the last few dives one of the tilt motors decided to give up the ghost. So not so much as a bit of a clean as a lot of a clean. 


Anyway, the boat is safely back at the farm where it will stay until the diving season starts again. 


Come February and March we will service the engines and give the hull a coat of antifoul paint. 


All volunteers welcome. And of course conscripts.


Littlehampton 09/07/2017 Ore Wreck


9:45 Ropes off

Here we go. Off to the Ore Wreck with Brian as buddy and Keith as Cox, soon Keith’s arm will be better and able to dive, with luck.


Even got the chance to drive the RIB and give Keith a rest.


Found the wreck easily enough with landing the shot next to the boiler so not far to go once on the bottom to tie the line off and send the shot back to the surface, Thanks Brian for your help.


Had to fight our way through a shoal of bib and avoided a conger once we made the bottom, there were a few others hiding in their hidey holes, just managed to miss getting bit while Brian was pointing out a rather large blue lobster with a conger just near my hand and eyeing up one of my fingers.


Pretty good vis for the Ore Wreck only nearly lost Brian once or twice while we were diving. Turned around and there he was.


This has also got to be Blenny heaven, lots of the guys around along with a few crabs of a decent size.


Finally back to the shot and a gentle ascent to the surface.


Can’t wait to dive it again.



Littlehampton 02/07/2017 Shirala


Here we go. Off to the Shirala with Kev as buddy and Keith as Cox, thanks Keith, hope your arm gets better.


Found the wreck after a few goes and was joined by a second Rib with about a dozen divers. Beginning to look like Red Sea diving. Once on the bottom Kev tied off the shot line and sent the shot back to the surface. You haven’t forgotten how to do it. With this your first dive since September.


Fairly sandy bottom and one of the largest Turbot I had seen, very well hidden blending in to the speckled sea bed. 


The vis was pretty good and diving on slack made it a nice easy dive. Saw a few Crabs and lots of bib.


Up went the DSMB and ascent to the surface, picked up the shot line and off we went to a second dive, a drift on a new reef we spotted on the echo sounder, lots of rocks and hidey holes to explore further. Good for a second dive. Thanks to the fishing boat we spotted on it the previous week.



Littlehampton 25/06/2017 Bognor Rocks


First Dive of the season for Brian, I’d managed to dive in Lanzarote in May, Brian was buddy and we had the RIB in good condition with the electrics sorted at last.


Keith was our Cox having done his arm in throwing a welly in a local Fete. Hope your arm gets better, and soon.


The sea was flat calm and we were off to an easy drift for early in the season.

Once on the bottom we didn’t move very far as lots to explore. Saw my first UK cuttlefish. Seen lots abroad but not in the UK.


Saw a couple of one armed crabs, and a spider crab who was well camouflaged. Cuckoo wrasse were in abundance and also a few Gold shinnies and Leopard spotted Gobies.


Up went the DSMB part way through the dive having let go of the SMB while sorting the torch out. I’m sure I will get the St Ethelberga award once on the surface.


Once up hang around for a second dive, spotted a fishing boat nearby, looked like an interesting site for a dive.


Safe Diving,



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